How to Make eMail Marketing Work?


No matter what your business is, email marketing can work for you. Whether you are in consulting business or selling product and services, every business can benefit from this affordable marketing options.

There are three (3) base steps to make email marketing work for you.

The call to action is everything. Include a special call to action in each email when you sent an email what want you to like them to do, like “fill the form” or “email” or “call” it can be one click to your social media channel. To avoid confusion choose only one call to action per email in a professionally designed email template.

Make sure you have permission to contact your email list, before sending them your automated emails. So you avoid your email spams.

Lastly, keep your email direct and short. Be mindful that your prospect doesn’t have a lot of time. He/She will just ignore your email or mark it spam if it took a tot of time to read and understand your email.

To help get it started there are a couple of points to consider like “write creative specific subject line” and “keep it short” and “have a call of action” and most importantly “have fun”. Follow these steps and action it, I trust this article has been a great resource for you. Drop an email if you have any issues regarding your email marketing at


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