8 mistakes to avoid in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing, Social Media,  8 mistakes to avoid in Social Media Marketing, mistakes to avoid in Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing enables small businesses to reach out to more customers, review their products and listen to query or suggestions from customers. Customers interact with brands via social media, therefore having a strong social media presence on the internet/web will help you to tap into their interest. If you can implement it properly, marketing with social media can bring surprising business for you with little or no investment.

social media marketing strategy, social media marketing, social media, social media strategy, mistakes to avoid in Social Media Marketing1. A Quantitative approach: In social networking sites, you need to focus on clients that are actually interested in your product and services. Inactive followers do not add any value to your brand.

2. Spamming: This is the worst approach. Clients would delete and unlike your pages if you irritate them with requests to like each and every posts that you make it the profile. Engage or follow with people who are transparent with their identity. Unfortunately many Social Media Marketers interested in buying followers from unidentity sites or non relevant sites. This is not the right way to social media success and will create a false by using your ROI.

3. Inactive pages and profile: It is suggested not to irritate the clients by sending too many notifications. However, that does not mean that you do not post anything in the pages. Make your page lively by uploading your latest products. Make the pictures videos lively.

4. Self-centered: You can’t expect to increase followers if you do not tag along with other people or other similar business profiles. It is a social networking site. So, be social, reach out to others, and share.

5. Too many posts, too less posts, irrelevant post: There has to be a balance on the number of posts that you make every day. Too many posts would turn off your clients but, at the same time too little posts would bore your clients. Also keep in mind what you about to post. Illogical and irrelevant posts would also urge your clients to unfollow or block you.

6. Neglecting clients: When you posting something interesting and relevant on the profile, your client are bound to react to it. Do not ignore the queries. Make sure that you respond to all the questions or suggestions made by the clients. Remember, “The customer is always right.”

7. Attractive profile design: Visual graphics are always attractive. No matter how many debates there are people always have a second look at something that looks attractive even though the content might not be too beneficial. So make sure that your profile is visually attractive.

8. Grammatical and spelling mistakes: Make sure you proof-read the posts and there are no grammatical mistakes in the posts you upload. Grammatical errors are real turn offs in the reading could really irritate the readers. Write the posts in Microsoft Word, it will correct the grammar and spelling for you.

Since, Social Media marketing is one of the best means to reach out to clients all across the globe. So get on gear and jump into your business promotion through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and LinkedIn and so on. You can boost your social media marketing strategy by avoid the above small mistakes.

By- Rajat


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